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  • 95% - NIC Knowledge exam pass rate reported by our participants
  • 736 - Interpreters who have taken TerpSavvy courses
  • 47 - States represented by TerpSavvy participants

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Welcome to TerpSavvy!

Through TerpSavvy, you can participate in online courses from your desk, learning the most current and relevant information and skills so that you can be a more knowledgeable, well-rounded, and marketable ASL interpreter.


NIC Knowledge Exam Prep

NIC Knowledge Exam Prep is a self-paced course. You can start at any time.

This self-paced course is a thorough review of the materials, concepts, and knowledge areas that are covered on the NIC Knowledge test as administered by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Participants will prepare for the test using study and testing practice, leaving the course well-prepared for the written exam.

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NIC Interview Prep Course

The next NIC Interview Prep Course will be September 28th - November 2nd, 2015.

This online course will assist you greatly in preparing for the NIC Interview. It is quite a challenge to do an analysis of a scenario on the spur of the moment, articulately, in just a few minutes. This course is designed to polish your ability to deliver a clear, convincing, authoritative response to the test prompt.

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SC:L Knowledge Prep - Course Overview

The next SC:L Knowledge Prep Course will be September 1 - November 7, 2015.

This course is designed to prepare you for the Specialist Certificate: Legal (SC:L) knowledge exam, and to expand your knowledge of interpreting in legal settings and provide a comprehensive overview of the the most current and relevant literature of the field.

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SC:L Performance Prep

The next SC:L Performance Prep Course will be November 9th - December 19th, 2015.

Course Description

This stimulating and challenging five-week intensive delves deeply into the intricacies of interpreting and sight-translating legal texts. It gives participants many opportunities to practice, get and give feedback on the work, discuss the issues, and review their understanding of the tasks included on the SC:L Performance Exam.

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Congratulations to these previous TerpSavvy participants who are now certified!


  Ali Ann Artis

Alicia Thorpe

Alina Vorobets

Alisse Baldwin

Amy Eshelman

Andrea Reason

Andree Mondor

Angelita Breiter

Ann Reiff

Anna Haines-Smith

Antoinette "Toni" Witz

April Bennett

April Gregga

Ashley Bethel

Ashley Finn

Ashley Henderson

Balinda Price

Barbara Forrest-Ball

Becca Ritchey

Becki Combs

Bethany Heynen

Betty Mills

Bevin Glass

Bichri Lee

Blanca Short

Brenda Kappos

Brett Best

Brittney Moore

Bronwynn Shew

Brooke Crossman

Caryn Cook

Charlotte Ker

Chasity Klaverkamp

Chelsea Whitfield

Christine Mason

Christine Nakahara

Christine Stoddard

Claire Youkilis

Colleen Costello


Corina Hansen

Courtney Errigo

Courtney Petri

Craig Ridgway

Cynthia Baldwin

Dallass Downey

Dana Felps

David Jonathan Ramos

Deana Paddack

Debora Romero-Arias

Delia Reyes

Delinda King

Don Covello

Eileen O'Banion

Eliza Greenwood

Emily Deeks

Emily Stairs

Evelyn Wong

Farrah Nolan

Franklin Eaves

Gerald Brown, Jr.

Gina Reese-Wesseln

Heather Ahern

Heather Marlatt

Heather Skocilich

Heidi Adams

Heidi Brockmann

Heidi Gerlosky

Holly Fontana

Holly Vezina

Holly Palermo

Hope Kooyers

Irene Olivia Rowan

Jack Shaughnessy

Jack Van Rixel

Janet Zibelli

Jayna Nastally

Jean Hatch


Jeanne Collins

Jennifer Bruno Conde

Jennifer Buckman

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hoenshell

Jeri Jackson

Jeri McCoy-Jackson

Jerome Thomas

Jessica Myers

Jill Williams

Jobina Navratil

Jona Burdett-Davis

Josiah Fehlauer

Josselyn Carter

Julia Budka

Juliana Frankenfield

Julie Reese

Kamila Riscili

Kara Pena

Karen Metcalf-Root

Karen Root

Karen Stevens

Karen Terhune

Karrleen Delahoussaye

Karyn Campbell

Kathy Simmons

Kati Krause

Katie Halling

Katie Howard

Katie Witte

Keara Beck

Kenya Rutherford

Kim Holman

Kimberly Anderson

Kim Koste

Krysta Brown

Krystan Gogan


Laura Miller

Laurie May

Leah Owens

Leanne Baumeler

Lesley Siegel

Linda Egge

Lisa Estes

Lisa Gold

Lisa Halter

Lisa Shores

Maggie Scarsella

Mala Arkin

Marcos Olivo

Marilyn Sloan

Mark Dietrich

Mark Palmer

Martinique Johnson

Mary Fahey

Mary del Refugio Serna

Maureen Graham

Melanie Schneider

Melinda Johnson

Melodie Brown

Michael Klyn

Michelle Gaines

Michelle LaCrosse

Michelle Okamoto

Mindy Johnson

Mira Kurey

Mollie Bady

Monica Egan

Myrna Luger

Nadia Roscovius

Nicole Bright (Barrett)

Nicole Ronquillo

Pamela Replogle

Peggy Houchin

Penny Schaetzel

Rayelene Kingsley


Rebecca Eiler

Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Poehling

Rhonda Geldin

Rita Harkin

Robin Beals

Ruth Garcia

Ruth Patterson

Samantha Kennedy

Sara Eubanks

Sarah DePover

Sarah Erickson

Shaunda Seery

Sheila Lucas

Shirley George

Shirley Rogers

Stephanie Chao

Stephanie Upton

Summer Nunn

Susan Thomas

Susie Devergranne

Taylor Parkin

Teresa Killingsworth

Theresa Monteleone

Tina Denning

Tracey Yurechko

Tracy Asklar

Trisha Beaumont

Valerie Bell

Valerie Vedder

Wendi Seidel

Wendy Mogg

Winnie Little

Yvonne Pfingston

Zinzi Evans