NIC Knowledge Exam Prep – Course Overview

This self-paced sign language interpreter online test prep course is a thorough review of the materials, concepts, and knowledge areas that are covered on the National Interpreter Certification knowledge test as administered by CASLI. Participants will prepare for the test using study and testing practice, leaving the course well-prepared for the written exam. You can do the entire course from your desk. Participants who have reported back to TerpSavvy have passed at a rate of 95 percent.

“I’m so glad I took this course. Xenia is quite knowledgeable and very passionate about interpreting as a service and a profession. Naturally, I passed the test.”  – Eliza Greenwood, Oregon

“Thank you for this course. I’m not afraid of the test now!” – Jennifer Williams, Arizona

If you have any questions about whether the course is appropriate for you, please Contact Us. Be advised that you can take the Knowledge exam without any prerequisites, but all candidates for the NIC Interview/Performance portion must hold a Bachelor degree or complete the Alternative Pathway Educational Equivalency Application on the RID website.

Tuition is $95.

Click here for course materials.