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Knowledge Test Preparation Course for EIPA: Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment

What to Expect

  • E-learning you can do at your own pace
  • Interactive and challenging (but fun!)
  • Multiple choice quizzes and cumulative practice test
  • Completion letter emailed to you for your portfolio.

“The EIPA Knowledge Prep Course was a breeze to get through! It was easy to log back into the course and jump back in wherever I left off. The lectures were set up well – when I took the cumulative test at the end, it was clear I had retained the info.” – Carin Billings, Freelance Interpreter, CA

Not an Educational Interpreter?

Interpreters who aren’t working in K-12 settings will also benefit from taking this course. You could be interested in taking the knowledge portion of the test so that you have something impressive to put on your resume. As a freelance or VRS interpreter, you possibly have had little or no time working in schools. You may want to improve your schema for the occasional job that comes up. Taking our EIPA Knowledge Prep course will help you gear up for the experience. Get started today!

Registration: $95

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Note: TerpSavvy has no affiliation with Boys Town, and the administrators of the EIPA exam have not endorsed this course.