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  • 95% – NIC Knowledge exam pass rate reported by our participants
  • 1,000+ – Interpreters who have taken TerpSavvy courses
  • 47 – States represented by TerpSavvy participants

NIC Knowledge Exam Prep

This sign language interpreter online test prep course is a thorough review of the materials, concepts, and knowledge areas that are covered on the NIC Knowledge exam. Participants will prepare for the test using study and testing practice, leaving the course well-prepared for the written exam.

This course has been approved by RID for 1.6 units of continuing education in the professional studies category.

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Participant Feedback

“I’m going to miss this class, reading comments and discussing strategies with others. I have learned so much. Thank you for offering this class! I can’t wait to take the test and have my name added to your list of interpreters who have succeeded.”
-Rebecca Wulff, Minnesota
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NIC Ethics Interview Prep

Participants who complete all of the coursework will be able to:

  • Paraphrase and/or quote elements from every tenet in the Code of Professional Conduct
  • Describe the structure of and requirements for the NIC Interview exam
  • Identify Concepts in the literature of our field which can inform our decision-making
  • Achieve an above-average ability to apply the CPC to problematic situations
  • Apply logical reasoning and cultural awareness to problem solving
  • Demonstrate the confidence necessary to approach the task with certainty and poise

This course has been approved by RID for 1.2 units of continuing education in the professional studies category.

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EIPA Knowledge Exam Prep

This is a unique course designed to help you prepare to take the EIPA exam. Each unit has a variety of features such as videos, readings, questions to ponder, and activities. At the end of each unit there is a multiple choice quiz, and at the end of the course there is a cumulative practice test. Topics include IEPs; Deaf education; hearing loss and amplification; grammar and linguistics; interpretation and transliteration.

This course has been approved by RID for 1.0 units of continuing education in the professional studies category.

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Aimee Smothermon
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Amanda Harker
Amanda Ploederl
Amy Eshelman
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Angie Tate
Ashley Finn
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Bevin Glass
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Brooke Crossman
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Carrie Thornton
Caryn Cook
Catherine Laswell
Cathryn Hoagland
Charles Penland
Charlotte Ker
Charnell Williams
Chasity Bojoquez
Chelsea Naugle
Chelsea Whitfield
Cheryl Fielitz
Christine Nakahara
Christine Stoddard
Cindy Bryant
Claire Youkilis-Shafer
Colleen Costello
Courtney Petri
Craig Ridgway
Cynthia Baldwin
Dagmar King
Dallass Downey
Dana Felps
Daniel Woodall
Darla Lane
David Ramos
Deborah Carlson
Deborah O’Hara
Deborah Warshauer
Debra Morgan
Delia Reyes
Denise Flores
Denise Yochum
Dominique Mercier
Don Covello
Donna Elliot
Dustin McLaws, SC:L
Eleanor Gaccione
Eliza Allison
Elizabeth Bonnet
Elizabeth Bortolotti
Emily Deeks
Emily Donati
Emily Stairs
Emilyn Jones
Erin Trine
Evelyn Wong
Farrah Nolan

Francine Sorrentino
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Gage Rodriguez
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Hannah Cheloha
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Holly Parsons
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Janet Zibelli
Janice Kosakowsky
Jean Hatch
Jeanne Collins
Jeanne Witkin
Jenni Jackson
Jennie Stair
Jennifer Clifford
Jennifer Bruno Conde
Jennifer George
Jennifer Williams
Jeri McCoy-Jackson
Jerome Thomas
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Jessica Greenfield
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Jessica Stephens
Jessica Van Winkle
Jewel Jauregui
Jill Williams
Joanne Smith-Malinka
Jobina Navratil
Joel Kamen
Joni Bos Gray
Josee Hupp-Croteau
Juliana Frankenfield
Julie Lehto
Kamila Riscili
Kara Long
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Karrleen Delahoussaye
Katherine McMullen
Katherine Lloyd
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Melodie Brown Whalen
Michael Klyn
Michelle Gaines
Michelle Marques
Michelle Okamoto
Michelle Schoonderwoerd
Michelle LaCrosse
Mish Ktejik, SC:L
Morgan Lopez
Nicole Ronquillo
Pamela Bolinder
Pamela D’Occhio
Pamela Replogle
Patricia Dragisic
Paula Bazinet, SC:L
Paula Collins
Paula McDonald
Peggy Houchin
Penny Schaetzel
Peter Norland
Rachel Bossard
Rachel Matthews
Rachel Rothering
Rae Gilmore
Rebecca Conrad
Renee Olivier
Rhonda Geldin
Rita Harkin
Robin Beals
Roseanne Schatek
Roslyn Still
Ruth Patterson
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Sara Ware
Sarah DePover
Sarah Erickson
Sarah Malcolm
Sarah Cady Sartorius
Shannon Moore
Sharon Gilmore
Shaunda Seery
Shaunna Marshall
Sheila Lucas
Shirley George
Shirley Rogers
Stacy Lowe
Stephanie Chao
Stephanie Upton
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Susie Devergranne
Suzan Pauley
Tabitha Kuch
Tanya Haga
Teresa Grundman
Teri Grillo
Theresa Robison
Theresa Watkins-Monteleone
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Tracy Utecht
Trena Franck
Trisha Beaumont
Tsana Dimanin
Valerie Ingersoll-Lubas
Valerie Vedder
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Yolanda (Jayodin) Mosher
Zinzi Evans