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NIC Ethics Interview Prep – Course Overview

This revised self-paced course is in beta-testing and will become available mid-April 2018. Contact Us to get on a notification list, or use the below subscription link. 

This online sign language interpreter education course will assist you greatly in preparing for the National Interpreter Certification Interview exam.

RID CEUs/ACETs are available. Instructions will be provided upon registration.

Prerequisite: You must have some sign language interpreting experience and have passed the NIC Knowledge exam or be exempt from taking it due to previous certification. You must also have a minimum of a Bachelor degree to be eligible to take the NIC Interview-Performance exam, or complete the requirements for the Alternative Pathway. It is recommended that you take this course no more than six months prior to taking the exam. Recommended pre-reading: Reading Between the Signs by Anna Mindess et al.

Cancellation policy: Registrants may cancel their registration prior to logging in and receive a full refund. Withdrawing after taking one quiz allows for a partial refund. Beyond this, no refund is given.

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