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NIC Interview Prep - Course Overview


This online course will assist you greatly in preparing for the NIC Interview. It is quite a challenge to do an analysis of a scenario on the spur of the moment, articulately, in just a few minutes. This course is designed to polish your ability to deliver a clear, convincing, authoritative response to the test prompt.

The course will require three to four hours per week of your time, but not all in one chunk. It is conducted via email, telephone, and Skype or Google video chat (free to download) and includes study, discussion, and test practice. A wide variety of scenarios will be provided to you along with tools for preparing and analyzing your responses.

Up to 1.5 CEUs/ACETs are available. A PINRA form will be emailed to you at least one week prior to the start of the course. You will need to mail the form and a check for $10 to our CMP sponsor before the course begins.

Course tuition is $135 and the course is five weeks in length. To register for this course, click on Create an Account in the menu at left.

Prerequisite: You must have some interpreting experience and have passed the NIC Knowledge exam or be exempt from taking it due to previous certification. You must also have a minimum of a Bachelor degree to be eligible to take the NIC Interview-Performance exam, or complete the requirements for the Alternative Pathway. It is recommended that you take this course no more than six months prior to taking the exam. Recommended pre-reading: Reading Between the Signs by Anna Mindess et al.

Cancellation policy: Registrants may cancel their registration prior to the course start date and receive a full refund. Withdrawing within the first week allows for a partial refund. After the first week, there is no refund, but registrants may transfer to a later course if necessary.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a space in the course and register later, please Contact Us.