Mentoring and Assessment

What to Expect

  • Clear expectations and well-defined goals
  • Scheduled assignments
  • Demonstrations of work by the mentor
  • Thorough analysis of your work


  • Ability to record audio and video
  • Ability to upload videos to YouTube
  • Skype or Facetime for live meetings (if applicable)





NIC or EIPA Readiness Assessment

For those who are wondering whether their skills are where they need to be for the NIC or EIPA performance, this basic assessment of your work will provide you the feedback you need to make a decision. A full page analysis offers recommendations.


Mentoring by email

Detailed work sample analysis via email, plus supplemental email Q&A and coaching. Contact us for more details.

Choose a Package

Number of Sessions

Hiring Assessment for Employer

This is ideal when you are considering an interpreter and you don’t have time to wait for NIC or EIPA results. A thorough analysis of skills and readiness will assist you in making a hiring decision.


“Xenia not only has an uncanny ability to watch my work and see both specific details and the whole picture simultaneously, but communicates that in an accessible way. She brings out the best in me. With her on my team I know I can get there!”
-Sierra Pickett, CA

“Xenia puts her heart into her work and it shows. I would definitely recommend Xenia to anyone who would like to take a workshop, do an assessment or have an interpreting mentor.”
– Kim Wohlsein, OR

“Before I began with Xenia, I was at a loss for how to prepare for the EIPA. She evaluated my skills and gave assignments specific to my needs. I felt much more confident and knowledgeable by the time I took my test, and I still apply the feedback in my daily work.”
-Carin Billings, CA

“I was nervous about starting with my first mentor, but from the beginning she put me at ease. Within an hour she knew my strengths and weaknesses, and we worked out a plan together on how to get where I wanted to be. I could not have asked for a better experience.”
-Dani Flaherty, OR


Choose your option above, and you will receive email instructions for how to proceed. If you have questions, contact the mentor at